This project proposes an experience that serves as an urban intervention – a compelling interruption that in some enriches our experience of the existing city. It might focus attentions, provide access, make connections, ameliorate services, highlight histories, or simply bring joy.  (Class Project IN4MATX 282 LEC A: DESIGN & PROTOTYPE / Professor Jesse Colin Jackson)

Concept Design

Space Theme Park “Shift from the ordinary into extraordinary”

Design Area

Old Town Pasadena is the shopping/business district of Pasadena, a very classic and diverse area located just three miles from of my home. This old town area features various activities for local residents, tourists, families and business people alike: shopping, restaurants, outdoor cafes, historic sites, schools, offices, and residential area.

Potential Stakeholder

City of Old Pasadena (JPL, Caltech)


To promote JPL/Caltech in the City of Pasadena by incorporating cutting edge technologies to provide a fun and interactive experience with visitors.  Main focus of compelling experience design is ensuring that they in some way address Alexander Manu‘s five stages of experience: Attraction, Entry, Engagement, Exit, Extension.

Process & Research

Idea sketch
SWOT Analysis

‘Holographic’ experiences in your real world
The 7D holographic objects at the top of the buildings are projected from a hologram projector. demonstrate real space experience. (ROTATING Planets, stars, galaxies, Nebulae, spaceship, satellite, creatures)

Augmented Reality Streets
The Projectors on the buildings project the surface of planet on to the street. As people walk on the side walk, the projection will be changed.It gives them what is like to be in space. demonstrate real space experience. (interactive surface of the actual plnets, people can leave footprints as they walk)


Final Pitch

Please click the play button to watch final video.