About the 2016 Prius Dashboard
The Prius touch interface and heads-up display (HUD) are an essential part of the experience of owning and driving a Prius since this is where the MPG efficiency is displayed to the driver. Prius owners want to know how efficient their car is during the driving experience and rely on the direct feedback from the HUD for this information.

1. Prius placing the speedometer (dashboard) in the middle of the dashboard since it’s cheaper and easier for the mass production of western and eastern Prius models
2. Designing for a distracted user
3. Designing for different physical states: moving and at rest
4. Keeping the eco-friendly nature of the Prius at the forefront of the new design

Role: UX Research / UI Design
After conducting product and user research, draw initial sketches with justifications and present it to the team. Move forward by incorporating the team feedback into initial and final wireframes.In addition, create the style guide, final mockup, and prototype based on final wireframes from the UX designers. The designers iterate based on team evaluation and feedback.

Case Study

Final Design

Interface Detail


● Larger, more informative displays
● Higher contrast among user interface elements
● Larger icons and controls for easy tapability
● Intuitive and naturally mapped location for physical controls
● Leverages existing car patterns that are utilized across the industry
● Nods to eco-friendliness with use of green and visuals regarding efficiency of the car
● Better visibility and touch/dial selection features allows the user to practice safer, less distracted driving
● Match between mobile touchscreen device and car interface displays for improved familiarity and learnabilit