Medical Device


What is Accu-Chek?
Accu-Chek is a blood glucose monitor that is designed to help users manage their diabetes with an all-in-one device. The product attempts to allow the user to check and track their blood sugar levels by taking blood samples with the lancet pen attachment and testing via dispensed test strips.

Redesign a blood glucose monitoring device so it is easy to learn for someone who has limited knowledge of technology. Additionally, take into account disabilities like poor vision and unsteady hands.

What we are trying to solve
1. Lack of knowledge in the medical device industry
2. Improving a physical product
3. OLED screen

* With respect to our vision and constraints, we decided to solely focus on improving the interface of the blood glucose monitoring device screen, the physical buttons of the device, and the overall form factor.


Research Wrap-Up

● Focus on users who are older and disabled
● Use large fonts for increased readability
● Increase the size of the screen
● Continue to use OLED screen since it is familiar to older users
● Create buttons with clear unambiguous labels. Use more recognizable and intuitive physical buttons.
● Utilize plain, human language, where appropriate, to guide the user through the testing process.
● Display number of test strips on the front of the device, preferably on the interface itself.

Ideation Process

Product Design