Hawaiian Drive Inn



Client: Hawaiian Drive Inn

Client Description:
Hawaiian Drive Inn is a restaurant looking to expand their business. They are family owned and operated and take pride in bringing Hawaiian style dining to the mainland.

Main Issues:
• No call to action
• Too much text
• Unclear purpose of site

Create a landing page for customers looking for great Hawaiian BBQ.

Role & Time Frame
UI/Visual Design, 2weeks (Timeframe: 01/11 – 01/25/2017)


Responsive Design & Styleguide

The final UI design result is based on mock-up and variation of it after version revisions.

Waveline: Consistent with logo shape and it brings up the image of relaxing beach.
Brand Color: Orange color is associated with healthy food and it stimulates the appetite.
Imagery: Bright, saturated images draw user’s attention.
Typeface: Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface that is clean, clear, and easy to read; appeal contemporary vibe to the user.

Team Feedback & Final Revised Design

Redesign Summary

Clear call to action
Improved readability
Information important to the customer is surfaced
     Customer testimonials
     Contact information
Information important to the client is surfaced
     Client story
     Franchising opportunities
Usability is improved with options to scroll through the page or click on navigation to get to your desired information