Day2Day UX

Ecommerce responsive design (2013)

CLIENT Day2Day Printing is a B2B e commerce platform that provides high quality printing to business professionals and startups in competitive markets

ROLE UX Design, Art Direction, Visual Design, Photography, Branding, Marketing Design.

GOALS The main goal of redesign and rebranding was to achieve modern style of design while increasing conversion rate of the site as well as user engagement metrics.

TIME FRAME I was given 12 weeks to finish the design of the site as well as internal pages and iconography. The first two weeks were spent on understanding demographics and psychographics of the target audience and modeling several wireframes and experimenting with a variety of colors that matched the target groups interest.

APPROACH  My object was to create a radically different site than competitors in this market. I wanted to provide users with a different experience in terms of quality and information layout. After reviewing over 200 related e-commerce sites that were viewed byDay2Day’s demographic group, I determined the style of work andbegan drawing wireframes. I spent over 20 hours researching the psychological effects of various colors on the psychographic segment as well as competitiveness of colors with related sites that are viewed by the demographic. I tried to understand the shopping path and processes involved with the complexity of print manufacturing. I suggested a new path and method of shopping as well as complimentary services that would enhance the core user experience

DESIGN PROCESS In order to achieve the goals within the given timeframe, I designed 4 different home pages with 3 different color sets. After extensive meetings with the marketing department and feedback from various user testing sessions, the current model was approved, coded, and was launched into the e-commerce universe.


Color Palettes


Final Grid (Width 1680 expanded banner)


Top drop down menu & Product Picture

All Product list page

Sub product doorway Category page

Individual product page with price builder

Cart & File Upload page

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Confirmation page

RESULT (Launch-6MOnth)
Page Views= +32.90%
Visit Duration=  +321.02%
Sales Conversion Increased= +7.38%
Bounce Rate= -7.21%